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Simple, Effective, and Beautiful Electronic Document Management Solutions.

What is DgDoc?

DgDoc is an electronic document management application that enables people to capture, index & track dossiers, documents and transactions on the go. You can use any device anywhere at any time. This revolutionary platform is now the standard of electronic document management in the business world. No more printing or faxing. With an easy to use and fast tracking experience, capture documents is a breeze from your phone and computer – whether at your desk or on the beach.

DgDoc fits your business!

DgDoc is as easy to acquire as it is to use. We have deployment models for every business need:

  • On Premise: DgDoc deployed in your IT environment on a per named user license basis

  • SaaS: A fully hosted and managed solution


DgDoc is a complete set of solutions with variety of products.


Correspondence Management System


Electronic Document Management System


Digital Signature

Why DgDoc?

DgDoc is a Document Management System that’s easy to use, simple to implement and requires little training, all the while offering robust functionality to make your document management process more powerful for your organization


DgDoc is one of the best EDMS solutions containg best features for their users.

  • User can access their documents from anywhere.
  • Familiar Outlook and Windows Explorer style interface.
  • Get digital approvals of documents, invoices, bills, contracts, MOUs etc.
  • Administrative options to limit space usage on the server per user.
  • Well Documented API to integrate with any external software
  • Scan documents directly into DgDoc using any TWAIN compatible scanner
  • View current activity and quickly access your latest work
  • Search for content located within a document
  • Create your own fields to tag relevant information about the document
  • An excellent collection of reports available by default.
  • Ability to extract text from image and PDF files
  • Setup recurring alerts at pretend intervals for specific tasks
  • Configure Physical audits of documents while capturing the Auditor and physical custodian details
  • Suspend notification by a specific number of days or till a specific date
  • Upload a single / multiple document via upload,
  • Download documents individually or bunches
  • Preview up to 100 of pages PDF dossier directly within DgEDMS
  • Add meta data to dossiers & documents
  • Track every activity including view, update, login, etc.
  • Create custom roles for users as per the business Create custom roles for users as per the business needs of the organization
  • Dene permissions at organization, role, and user levels
  • Prevent modifications to documents by locking it
  • Automatically encrypted Files & Documents



Real Estate

Financial Services

Law & Courts



How DgDoc Works


The promise of paperless

A paperless organization is about more than just moving things from the cabinets to file servers. It’s about business processes, approvals, tracking the most important part of your business…information. DgDoc helps you to organize your information and work-ow in a way that makes the move to a more paperless organization seamless.

Your organization needs better management of, control of and access to its critical information, documents etc.

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